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What happens when I come in for an initial consultation?


Initial consultations are the starting point.  We are gathering information and finding out all about you.  We being by going over your intake form and asking any pertinent questions.  Quite often it is necessary to run some laboratory tests, so if that is the route chosen we will also go through a short physiological assessment and then collect samples for testing.  The testing is done at a later time, not during the appointment, so another consultation is scheduled to go over the test results with you and explaining what the best course of action is to start getting you on the road back to health through the use of diet, lifestyle changes, and applicable medicines/supplements.


How long are consultations?


The first two consultations are an hour in length, on average.  It's always hard to say exactly how long each consultation will go, but ideally all of the following monthly consultations could be as short as 30 minutes.  When it comes down to it, it just depends on how much there is to cover at any given time and every person's situation is unique.


How long will it take for me to feel a difference and get better?


This is a question that we are asked a lot and there is no definite answer.  Everyone is at varying levels of health and it depends on each person's level of commitment when it comes to following the recommendations.  Obviously, the closer the recommendations are followed, the quicker a person will see positive changes in their health.  Some people see major changes within the first month and others it can take a few months or more.

On average, we find that if a person follows all of the recommendations closely it takes around 9-12 months to reach the level of health one is trying to achieve.  At that point, if we find that everything has come back into balance adequately then monthly visits are no longer required and one can then go on a maintenance program.


Are natural medicine consultations covered through my benefits?


You will need to check with your insurance provider.  Most people do not realize that there are two groups of natural medicine providers.  As we are not associated with the group that became regulated in Alberta a few years ago, at that time many of the insurance companies stopped reimbursing for our services as they were then forced by law to only provide benefits for the services of the regulated group.  However, some people have a health spending account as part of their plan.  If you do then that is something that can be used towards our services. 


We find that most people weigh the options and determine that to drive elsewhere, ie., Edmonton, to see someone they can use their benefits through wouldn't be saving them any money anyway so they decide to come in and pay out of pocket.  Typically we find that considering what most people are dealing with, the $500 or so in benefits is barely enough to get one started anyway.


Is myofascial release covered through my benefits?


Yes, if you have coverage for massage therapy, myofascial release treatments will be covered under your benefits.


I'm on a budget and can't afford to come in on a regular basis.  Do I have any options?


We appreciate it when clients are open and honest with us about where they are at in any area of their life, including financially, and are more than happy to do whatever we can on our end to help in any way that we can.  Let's face it, even though we wish it was, this isn't cheap.  While it would be much better to come in on a regular basis and take everything recommended, we understand not everyone can afford that but that they still want to do something to improve their health.  Of course each situation is unique, so please let us know if you have any concerns in this regard and we will be happy to discuss it and find options that will work best for you.



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