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"I highly recommend the knowledge and care given at Trinity Natural Health Clinic where they actually work on the problem and find the solutions when medical doctors mask the problem with drugs, not even looking for the root cause of it at all."

- G. Sulek, Edmonton, AB

"Michelle is warm and welcoming, she educates in a very positive manner and her knowledge is vast!  I left after my first visit feeling refreshed . . . Michelle's myofascial release is simply amazing."

- L. Craik, Grande Prairie, AB

After a month seeing Michelle my daughter anxiety improved and after 6 months, she was able to come off all her prescription medicine for OCD and anxiety. A year later, you would never know she ever struggled:). Thank you so much.

- A. Goodwin, Victoria, BC

Just want to thank you. It's been over a year since I started to see you and I must say that I have never felt better. My appetite is now balanced and I have less discomfort. I'm happy that you introduced me to myofascial also. I'm back to using my arm well enough to ride my Harley and golf. Thanks Michelle.

- N. Fankhanel, Grande Prairie, AB

Amazing health practitioner!!!

- K. Luther, Lethbridge, AB

When I first came to see Michelle, I was at the end of my rope with my health problems. It had become too much to bear. I struggled to function normally, on a daily basis. I was considerably weak, underweight, worn out, terrified, and frustrated. I am a 29 yr old male, 5'10" height and I was 135 pounds!!!!


Conventional Western Medicine had completely failed me. I even had a general physician tell me he thought my illness was all in my head. Other doctors were insulted and became quite rude and callous with me when I sat in their office and listed off the issues that I believed I had with my body due to the symptoms I was experiencing. On top of that, I don’t trust the pharmaceutical industry or symptomatic medicine in the slightest. I haven’t even popped an Advil or Tylenol in approximately 5 years.

I had many symptoms and issues, digestive problems, and food intolerances that would have me experiencing all sorts of nasty side effects if I ate certain foods. I would wake up with swollen joints, a distended stomach, and severe depression, anxiety, irritability, lethargy, and brain fog. I had no idea what to eat or how to eat properly to take care of my body. Life was moving fast, and I was working a very physical job. I was literally being crushed by the stress of life.

I had thought that one of my main issues was Candida. I had written her a lengthy email and I would consider my cry for help. It wasn’t long before I received an extremely well detailed and insightful email. I was in a tight spot financially and I was hesitant to pay for natural health services again after some sub-par experiences with practitioners in the City of Edmonton. I did benefit slightly from their treatments but in no way was I healed or had a reliable picture painted of my issues. However, Michelle's response was incredible. Her approach to health makes so much sense.

I have done a lot of research into natural health since I've been sick, so I have a basic understanding of the body being a whole system that is intricately connected. Her response really made me realize that I need to get the big picture of what is going on inside my body and that you must treat the issues at hand in a certain order to avoid creating more problems (ie. targeting Candida in your body, when it is very commonly related to heavy metal toxicity in the body, and how killing the Candida could release the toxic metals back into bloodstream and it could damage your vital organs). I quickly realized how foolish trying to diagnose and treat myself really was. So I made my decision and became a patient of hers. I desperately needed answers and a solution to my problems and I really felt comfortable with Michelle and her approach. She is a very kind, compassionate, and non-judgmental.

We got started and when we got to the bioenergetic scanning there was a lot more going on than the suspected candida and gallbladder issues I had. Much more. Now here’s where it gets amazing. Within a couple weeks of being on the first round of the homeopathic remedies and supplements she put me on I already noticed immense improvements in my health. I even slipped up and ate bread, something that would have put me through agony, and the effect it had on me was merely a fraction of what it was before I came to her. My head and thought process began to become clearer. I could focus much better than before and the swelling in my joints was nearly non-existent. Even Michelle was surprised at how fast I noticed an improvement in my health. I haven’t been this happy in over 2 years.

Through the lab tests she conducted, it was discovered I was in a catabolic state. I needed more animal fats in my diet, and I had way too many plant-based fats, creating an imbalance that had my body struggling to repair itself. I literally could describe my ailments as if my body was breaking down. A previous practitioner tried to steer me away from red meat and meat in general. She said it was "bad for healing" and to get on a somewhat vegetarian diet. I was still eating chicken breast because of the low fat. And I thought dairy was a culprit in my digestive problems, so I removed dairy a couple years ago. I was avoiding heavy fats like butter and everything because I thought it was making my gallbladder problems worse. According to Michelle's results I could now eat red meat, mozzarella cheese, drink milk (I drink organic Kefir). Not only was I able to eat these things, my body NEEDED them. So I got some steaks, organic mozzarella, dark chicken meat with skin (thighs and drumsticks), and started eating my vegetables with heaps of organic butter. It felt so good to enjoy foods I used to love. I thought I was eating healthy before and many of the vegetables I was eating are considered healthy foods but were bad for my particular imbalance. In fact, I was hardly eating any of the foods listed that were recommended to fix my imbalance and eating plenty of the foods pushing me out of balance. For the first time in 2-1/2 years I had a clear picture of what I should and should not eat. I have never felt so relieved. Finally, some headway in the most frustrating component of my illness, food.

Just as she had explained we had painted a big picture of my body’s issues and began to work on them, and I've immediately noticed results that have granted me instant change. I have gained over 10 pounds since I followed her plan! Of course, it's only been a few months, healing is a process and one cannot expect to undo years of abuse, improper diet, and neglect overnight. But I am completely amazed by her ability to figure out what is happening in your body and to deal with it in the proper manner. Plus, she is wonderful to be around, and a joy to speak to. She has made a serious difference in my life and I am very grateful for her wisdom, expertise, and professionalism. I am extremely glad I went to see her. If I would have continued down the path I was on, it was likely I was going to end up with diabetes and possibly even more serious health complications.

Please, I implore you to take action in your health. If your body is off, and you don’t feel good, you need to take care of it. Beware the pills your "doctor" wants to prescribe you. They will not heal you. They will only shut the symptoms (your body's messaging system) off. The pharmaceutical pills may remove your discomfort, but the underlying problem will still remain.

I honestly considered my case to be quite severe and now I have a way out of it and I noticed nearly instant results. However, the speed of your healing may vary. I have an extremely clean diet. I quit alcohol, all processed food, food additives, gluten and sugar. Think about what you're really consuming and putting inside your body. Your favorite snack or "comfort food" could be sending you to an early grave, and that is the truth. If you drink alcohol regularly, quit for a while and give your liver a break so it can regenerate. If you're feeling anxious, depressed, irritable, constantly fatigued, stomach troubles, anything like that, LISTEN to your body because it is speaking to you!

TLDR; Michelle is an incredible professional, a wonderful person, and if you follow her instructions, she will make a difference in your life.

- K. Kronebush, Edmonton, AB

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