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Bioenergetic Testing


Beyond laboratory testing, bioenergetic testing is a powerful tool which enables us to move forward in the process of identifying all of the other root causes of health issues.  Scanning is quick, easy and non-invasive. 

How do we know what to work on, when, and what remedies/supplements are necessary? 

Without the scanning we would never truly know that.  When it comes to your health, we can’t afford to be guessing.  This takes the guesswork out of the equation.   

The scanning shows us the priority issues which your body wants and needs to deal with at any given time.  In this way, we are able to go through the layers and work on things in the proper order and sequence, which is highly important.   

Scanning also provides us with the ability to know which medicines and remedies are most beneficial at any given time to address the priority concerns most effectively.  The needs of the body are always changing so what it wanted or needed last month quite often is completely different the next. 

How does it work?   

It works with energy.  While the tests are being run, an electrode is held in each hand.  Depending on the test being run at any given time, the device is either sending frequencies into the body to see how it responds to them or looking for certain frequencies in the body. 

For example, with the food sensitivity test the device sends all the frequencies of each food on the test list into the body and sees how the body responds to them.  Any items which stress or weaken the system goes up on the list.  Or in the case of searching for frequencies in the body, the device picks up on the frequencies of things like parasites, bacteria, viruses, chemical toxicity, heavy metals, etc.  Whichever ones it finds that are a main priority at that time also goes up on the list. 

The device runs over 5,000 different tests, is FDA approved and has a 97% accuracy rate based on studies done through the University of Utah.  

                       Test library examples: 

                       Energetic status of 40 major organs                          

                       Nutritional assessment                                                     

                       Metabolic disturbance

                       Digestive profile                                                    

                       Dental profile                                                               

                       Hormonal profile                                                            

                       Chemical toxicity                                                                

                       Phenolic sensitivity                                                         

                       Emotional stressors                                                           

                       Trace minerals 

                       Vertebral profile 

                       Miasm influence 

                       TMJ stress 

                       Constitutional influence 

                       Neurotransmitter disturbance 

                       Environmental/Food sensitivities 

                       Vitamins and Minerals 

                       Cranial suture 

                       Dental causation 


                       Heavy metals 

                       Micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, prions, ameobas, parasites, mycoplasmas) 

                       NAET, and much more! 

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