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At Trinity Natural Health Clinic, our main concern is your health and wellness.  We feel it is important to go beyond the mainstream methods of natural therapy practiced today and do what is truly necessary to help  facilitate the body coming back into proper balance.


We also believe that it is of utmost importance to put the power and control of your health back into your hands through education.  Knowledge is power. Can I do this, you ask?  Absolutely!  There's only one way to not be sick and that is to be healthy - and we're here to help you learn how to do just that.


Among many other health concerns, we can help address:


  • Digestive Difficulties

  • Fatigue

  • Stress/Anxiety

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Depression

  • Weight

  • High/Low Blood Pressure

  • Diabetes

  • Thyroid Conditions

  • Acute/Chronic Pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Arthritis

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Skin Conditions

  • Depressed/Overactive Immune System

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Whiplash/Concussions

  • Injuries

  • Cancer - and much more


Health comes down to balance.  When we experience symptoms of any kind, it is due to an imbalance in the bodily system.  By helping you to find the imbalances that may be contributing to any of the above-mentioned concerns and addressing them properly, it is then possible to focus on those areas and bring the body back into balance (homeostasis), which our systems are always seeking to do.  Once the body has reached homeostasis, then it should  be able to function properly once again.


Our processes and therapies are in-depth and include:


  • Initial & Follow-up Consultations

  • Biochemical Laboratory Testing

  • Energy Field Scans and/or Biofeedback and the use of Functional Medicine

  • Full, complete and comprehensive education and recommendations encompassing diet/nutrition and natural medicine/supplements based on your individual biochemistry.

  • The utilization of practitioner-grade natural medicines & supplements (available through licenced practitioners only) for ultimate therapeutic properties and benefits.

  • Advanced, highly therapeutic hands-on therapy (see Myofascial Release)

  • Ongoing care and support 


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