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Laboratory Testing


Laboratory testing is used to identify underlying imbalances of the main homeostatic controls of the body – all the things that are keeping our systems in balance.  Any imbalances in these areas contribute greatly to our overall health and wellness and are at the root of all sickness, disease and aging. 

Samples required for testing are urine, saliva and a finger prick to test blood glucose levels. 

                     The main homeostatic controls are:


                     Oxidative Stress 

                     Fat balance (fatty acids & sterols) 

                     Autonomic Nervous System 

                     Blood Sugar 

                     Energy Production 

                     Protein Utilization 


These areas are foundational.  Any imbalances require appropriate attention in whatever way necessary to achieve our health and wellness goals in a sustainable way, as opposed to treating symptoms. 


When I come for my appointment, should I bring the lab tests from my medical doctor? 

Most of the time, medical lab tests give us no useful information for our needs and purposes here at the clinic.  However, you're always welcome to bring in any lab tests you feel may be important for us to look at.  It is rare that we find anything of interest but it does occasionally happen.  It just depends on what it is. 

Why do you use urine and saliva instead of blood? 

We find that urine and saliva are more accurate for the types of things we are testing.  For example, a blood sample to test mineral levels in the body is, in our opinion, inaccurate.  It only shows what is in the blood.  It does not show what a person has in storage in their tissues reserves, which is what’s really important. 


The levels in the blood can be deceiving as the body will often pull minerals from the tissues into the bloodstream in an effort to balance the pH there.  Therefore, if that just happened, it can appear that a person has a lot of minerals in their system and that everything is okay.  However, those minerals were not only pulled from the tissue reserves but when the job of balancing the pH of the bloodstream is finished, those minerals leave the body.  This can leave us at a mineral deficit which blood tests cannot accurately show us. 


Urine shows us what is being lost because urine is leaving the body.  Saliva shows us what is in storage in the tissue reserves. 

Do you run hormonal tests? 

We can if you so choose.  Specific hormonal tests would be run through Genova Diagnostics.  However, it is our opinion that such tests are unnecessary as the labs described above give us the useable answers required to begin addressing such things as hormonal imbalances appropriately.  It’s one thing to see where the hormones are at.  It’s another thing to see why they are where they are at.  Still, Genova tests are always an option if that is what is desired.


Do you test for food sensitivities/allergies? 

Yes, we do.  For more information, please go to our Bioenergetic Testing page. 

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